Nuneaton and Bedworth Neighbourhood Watch Association

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Is a Home emergency information scheme. This is a voluntary scheme intended for use by anyone who feels vulnerable while living at home. There is no age restriction. The scheme provides emergency services with vital details of any illness, allergy, or someone to contact in case of sudden illness, personal accident or other home emergency.

How does the scheme work?

Your details are stored in a special plastic container, this is kept in your fridge. Two stickers, which are unique to the scheme and known to the emergency services and other caring agencies, are fixed in your house, one to the fridge door the other inside your front door.

How do I use the Data Link kit?

The kit provided comprises a container in which there are two stickers and a form.

  • One of the stickers is for the fridge & the other for inside the front door of the dwelling.
  • The stickers are unique to the data Link Scheme in that they are known to all the Emergency services
  • The sealed container with it's label contains your details & is kept in your home fridge
  • Fill in the form provided with the container, One container per household with a separate form for each person living in the house

    Please Keep all information up to date
  • Place the form(s) in the container, seal the container with the cap, place the container in the fridge

Please make sure the container is easily seen

Sticker on the fridge door by the handle, Sticker on the inside of your front door

Job done! You are now covered by Data Link

Now tell all your friends about Data Link

There is no charge whatsoever for Datalink. In the event of a charge being made for this service please report this to the Police.

Data Link is not connected to any commercial activity. There is no catch it really is free !! The information in the container is personal & private to you, no unauthorised persons should have access to this information.

We will provide the Data link Kits to any person living in the Nuneaton & Bedworth area who feels at risk due to illness, or any other potential threat, and to anyone living on their own.

There is no age or other limits - apply today. Lone living is a recognised risk, as is a single parent living with young children.