Nuneaton and Bedworth Neighbourhood Watch Association

bike and locks image Bicycle Safety

  • Do you always wear a safety helmet when on your bike? Wearing one could prevent a nasty head injury or even save your life!
  • Do you ride without lights at night? For the sake of £10 or so you could be safer!
  • The Highway Code states that it is recommended that you fit a bell to your cycle'. Lights and reflectors should be used after dusk. Helmets should be worn. Long coats should be avoided. Light coloured and reflective clothing is best. Better safe than sorry!. For more information click the following link

Basic Bike Security

  • Don't leave your bicycle in an isolated place.
  • Park your bicycle considerately where it won't cause problems for people, particularly the elderly, disabled or very young.
  • Always lock your bicycle when you leave it, even if only for a moment or two while you go into a local shop.
  • Secure your bicycle to proper anchors or robust street furniture (except where you are requested not to do so).
  • Lock your bicycle through the frame.
  • Lock the wheels and any detachable parts
  • Remove smaller parts which can be carried and take them with you.

Property Marking

  • Is your bicycle security marked in an effective way which would help deter theft and the police to return it if it was stolen and later recovered?
  • Security marking must be clearly and securely fixed visible to deter a thief.
  • Mark in two different locations on non-removable parts.
  • Mark with a clear indication of ownership such as your postcode followed by your house number.
  • Buy a good quality marking system from a bicycle shop or DIY store.
  • Keep a record of your bicycle's make, model, colour and frame number.